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InLei® SOFT PEELING – is our #1 scrub for eyebrows, face and décolleté.
 It is perfect to use as preparation of dry and combination skin before InLei® Brow Bomber lamination treatment.

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The InLei® SOFT PEELING -The name says it all: it is not the classic scrub (too aggressive)
, it is a mild exfoliant. It is able to remove makeup residues, excess sebum and the surface layer of dead skin. It works on the superficial layer of epidermis without damaging the deeper layers.

The product guarantees a correct skin hydration and it helps to restore the face's skin barrier. It has a lightweight, non-oily texture.

Top Quality Ingredients

InLei® SOFT PEELING contains carefully selected ingredients and it is 100% Made In Italy. Each ingredient has a specific function, in particular the formulation includes:

PHYTOSQUALANE- a natural emollient which comes from Olive Oil. It dervies from Squalene: one of the main components of human sebum, so this substance is absolutely similar to our body. It protects the skin and deeply nourishes it, without greasing it. This ingredient helps to restore the face's skin barrier and creates a superficial non oxidized (clean) hydrolipidic film that protects against external agents.

HYDROGENTATED JOJOBA OIL GRANUALS - they melt in contact with the heat of the skin when rubbed in a circular motion. These granules are 100% natural and biodegradable but totally effective. They provide a gentle exfoliation, which is perfect for the face's skin, and they contain no microplastics. Jojoba esters (hydrogenated oil) originated from Jojoba, a plant native to the Sonoran Desert, and are well-known for their moisturizing properties.

TINY GRANULES OF WALNUT AND HAZELNUT SHELLS - which help with deep cleaning the excess oil on the skin and on the eyebrow hair. They give a light and pleasant sweet note to the fragrance of the product.

InLei® SOFT PEELING contains vitamin E with antioxidant properties and SHEA BUTTER, which is appreciated for its emollient properties.



It is very simple to use InLei® Soft Peeling; Just take a small amount and gently rub with small circular movements for about 15 seconds. Use it on facial skin, brow bone and décolleté area. Rinse with warm water or with the help of a soft cotton ball.

Very useful for Brow Artists and essential for a complete skincare! We recommend to us it:

      • before InLei® Brow Bomber eyebrow treatment, in case of dry skin
      • before the colouring with InLei® eyebrow tint.
      • once or twice a week as an additional step of the skincare routine

During and after the use you will feel a very pleasant sensation on the skin: you will feel completely regenerated and you will no longer do without it!!


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