InLei® Cream Developer


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InLei®" Tint Developer Cream is a 1.5% 5 volume (instead of Canadian 3%), a much gentler formula on the hairs. It does not alter the pH of the hair structure.

  • necessary for developing the tint before using it on the brows
  • adds depth and richness
  • protects brows and lashes
  • does not alter the pH of the dye
  • does not damage the structure of the hair

The shade of the dye will depend on the shade of the natural eyebrow hair. You can add more developer to the tint to get a lighter shade of colour or less for a deeper shade.

How to use: 

Before applying the tint, clean the area with Saline pre-treatment to clean and prime the brows. Mix the developer with tint in 1:1 proportions in InLei® Trio and apply it on brows using a brush.

Each bottle contains 100ml, Made in Italy


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